Rough outline, dates and details to come.

On Halloween night, 2013, a creature arises in the middle east. This creature came to be revered by the secretive Bubasti tribe of the Bastet.

Ferox and Alia are contacted by God. They meet at an abandoned church in Sunrise, WY. The initial meeting takes place just one day before the minor eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera and emergence of the Wyrmclaw Hive. They see this event as a herald of Gehenna, and discuss the visions each have received from God. They feel the watchful Eyes of Caine upon them, and worry for what will become of both humans and vampires alike. They agree to seek out Chosen vampires that will escape the coming Gehenna. While out seeking the Chosen, Alia meets a charismatic vampire named, Leopold. All told, 141 other vampires were Chosen and brought to Sanctuary.

On December 23rd, when the moon’s light hit the faces of the Guardian watchers of Easter Island, The Eyes of the Wyrm, the Eyes of Caine, suddenly vanished, and a nearly imperceptible mist descended down from the sky, only seen with Auspex, Heightened Senses or something similar. When a vampire was touched by the mist, several things happened. Firstly, they were completely filled with Vitae, in fact, they were overfull, able till the next sunrise, to hold half again as many blood points as usual, rounded up. Secondly, any and all blood ties, blood bonds and viniculi are broken, and during Gehenna, none are able to be created. Lastly, all vampires are unable to convert mortal blood into vitae. The blood of ghouls, vamipires and other supernaturals is all that can sustain them.

Several nights into Gehenna, a vampire claiming to be Dracula, Vlad Tepes, emerges into popular discussion. He claims, and rightly so, that he can live off of animal blood, and that he can teach other powers that can bypass some of the limitations of vampirism.


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