Welcome to eve of 2030.

It has been little over 17 years since the world ended. December 21st, 2012 marked the final battle. The Last Battle that saw the forces of Gaia, Wyrm and Weaver converge on the battlefield of Malfeas.

Upon the freeing of the Wyrm and the destruction of the Shinzui-corrupted Weaver, the world became a vastly different place.

The new Weaver, Queen Ananasa, and her children, the Ananasi went to work remaking not only the world, but reality itself.

Reality was divided up into 8 realms; two for each of the Triat, and two that would remain outside of such.

But the spirit lands were not the only parts of reality to be going through upheaval. Upon returning to the physical world, the Shifter Races were suddenly plunged into a world lacking technology, with vampires out in the open, waging their own war for the end of the world.

Liber Apocalyptica

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